Magoebaskloof Self Catering Accommodation

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Welcome to Boscobel Cottages, Magoebaskloof Self Catering Accommodation

Located in the beautiful forested mountains and streams of Magoebaskloof, Boscobel Cottages is an intimate, luxury establishment that offers memorable Magoebaskloof self catering accommodation.

Set in lovely gardens and lawns, each of the three cosy stone and thatch cottages offers privacy and charm which can only be found at this Magoebaskloof self catering accommodation.

The name Boscobel has a special English royalty history and connection, although it comes from the Italian word 'bosco bello', which means 'in the midst of fair woods'. Near the end of the English Civil War in 1651, King Charles II fled for his life, seeking refuge at Boscobel House, situated on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border and built around 1632. On this property, Charles II hid in a nearby oak tree (which became known as The Royal Oak) to escape discovery by Parliamentary soldiers after the Battle of Worcester, evoking huge historical value to this magnificant Magoebaskloof self catering accommodation.

As there is a magnificent oak tree on the property at our Magoebaskloof self catering accommodation, the name Boscobel was bestowed on the farm, evoking royal historical imagination!

Cosy Cottages
Main Entertainment Area
Tasteful Decorated Rooms
Warm Atmosphere
Lush Tranquil Gardens
The Boscobel Rose
Royal Cottage
Crown Cottage
Acorn Cottage
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Boscobel Cottages offers unique self-catering accommodation in Magoebaskloof with all the necessities you will require for a relaxing, memorable stay.

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